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AIRLINES OF TERROR "Terror from the air"

AIRLINES OF TERROR \"Terror from the air\"
After a five year wait, Italian death metallers Airlines Of Terror are back with their sophomore album. After some fairly drastic line-up changes in the interim, bassist Paolo Rossi leaving in order to focus on fellow death metal giants in the Italian scene Fleshgod Apocalypse, it was uncertain what the result would be when it came to writing a new album. But fear not, Terror From The Air can be described as one of the most fun death metal experiences you?re likely to have this year. With a trademark dissonant melodic style and with self-referential songs such as Red Wings Kaput (Swing Swing Kaput) noting its playful opening swing rhythm, it is obvious these guys don?t take themselves too seriously and as a result have managed to pull through with an extremely fresh album. This is an album that fans of old school death metal and fans of the newer schools of thought on the genre will enjoy. It is great to hear that instead of there being an overreliance on blast beats and competing in that weary dick measuring contest of speed, the drums particularly have more of a stripped back thrash metal flavour of bands like Cannibal Corpse and Carcass. When blast beats do pop up, they are there to emphasise particularly fast tremolo picked riffs. Terror From The Air is a fun death metal experience which just keeps giving on repeat listens. While it isn?t reinventing the wheel or particularly pushing the death metal envelope, It?s fast, sporadic and full of character which makes it stand out above bands and albums which seem intent on proving their worth through breaking speed and technicality records. This is the kind of album which proves why Italy is seen as one of the greatest countries for death metal, with Airlines Of Terror being a hidden gem amongst some of their larger counterparts.
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