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BLOOD RED THRONE "Brutalitarian regime" [ORANGE VINYL!]

BLOOD RED THRONE \"Brutalitarian regime\" [ORANGE VINYL!]
"brutalitarian Regime" sees the band yet again nail the formula that makes their Death Metal so great and devastating. Take a dash of Cannibal Corpse, add the jazzy bass of Cynic, load up on technical brutality with serpentine song structures and finally add some black metal into the mix, only a little in terms of style but a whole lot in terms of menace, and that is the Blood Red Throne style. And while in past their style has occasionally leant on the bland side (see ?Come Death?), ?Brutalitarian Regime? sees them get it right yet again.This is a brilliant record, start to finish, showcasing a real wealth of ideas couched in the most brutal and unforgiving of terms. It stands as testament to the boundless confidence and uncompromising nature of the group that the wide array of influences on display here leave only left fingerprints on the chassis of the band?s armoured hull. Shades of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Atheist, Death, Dark Funeral, Zyklon, and Cynic can all be seen in the blueprints of the band?s sound, but the final construct is a war-machine of singular design!
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