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BOMBARDER "Speed kill"

BOMBARDER \"Speed kill\"
Born under the political strife that led to the Balkan conflicts of the early 1990s, Bombarder formed in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herrzegovina) in 1986 with the lineup of Nenad Kovačević (vocals), Maho ?iljdedić (guitars), Zlatko Slatinac (guitars), Senad Ljubunčić (bass) and Senad Marava (drums). Although the band played a style of speed metal most heavily influenced by the likes of Exciter and Motorhead, Bombarder never reached the same level of exposure, due in part to their country?s geopolitical isolation and the aforementioned turmoil that had begun to engulf their homeland. Additionally, the exclusive reliance on their native Slavic tongue in their lyrics/vocals likely made them more inaccessible to a general audience than their primary inspirations. Nonetheless, Bombarder eventually gained a sizeable following in ex-Yugoslavia, and the road that led them there began with a healthy dose of live gigging in their early years. In 1989, the band released its first album, ?Speed Kill,? on the obscure Yugoslavian label, Panonija Koncert, in a limited pressing on cassette only. Opening with an intro that features the sound of warplanes dropping bombs, justification for the band?s chosen moniker, which was intended to reflect the damage that their music would wreak on the listeners? heads, is immediately established and reaffirmed throughout the course of the entire album. The music presented on this debut is a very raw style of speed metal, characterized by some of the gruffest vocals in the subgenre and an abundance of catchy riffs that often revolve around a single, repetitively-picked pedal tone, which is a speed metal hallmark. Only three thousand copies of the album were pressed and they sold relatively quickly, considering the band?s low international profile. In reverence to this historic document of Evil Slavic Speed Metal past, here's the vinyl reissue of ?Speed Kill?. Since the master reels were lost during the war, great care was taken to procure the best sources available and the sound was properly remastered and restored by the venerable James Plotkin. The resulting product is one that calls appropriate attention to a speed metal relic that carry equal potency today as it did when originally conceived.

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