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AXEMAN "Arrive"

AXEMAN \"Arrive\"
Originally released January 18, 2010 on cassette thru Crepusculo Negro, now mastered with high quality packaging. Axeman is the solo project of Volahn (member of Dolorvotre, Kallathon, Kuxan Suum, Shataan, Bone Awl, The Haunting Presence and Ashdautas) showing more of his crust roots of 80's style fusion of Amebix/G.I.S.M. mixed with 80's Brazilian/L.A. metal sound. Axeman has hit on a perfect formula of high-pitched melodic guitar, pummelling death metal rhythms and chainsaw-wheezing black metal guitar in the background, topped with appropriately serpentine guttural vocals. The lyrics strike just about the right balance of sketchy Aztec mythology (which requires the listener to have a fair bit of foreknowledge of Aztec rites) and personal transformation in body and soul, connecting the listener with those mysterious gods who bring life to humans but demand a great price in return. For worshippers of Amebix/Slayer/Sepultura/G.I.S.M./Sarcofago.

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SVART PARAD "Total Svart Parad" 2xLP+CD (black)
SVART PARAD "Total Svart Parad" 2xLP+CD (black)
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