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AUTOPSY "Shitfun"

AUTOPSY \"Shitfun\"
Many have noted Shitfun as being a departure from Autopsy's earlier sound. That is, a mix of lightning fast riffs and slow atmospheric riffing combined with some of the bloodiest and goriest lyrics you can think of. No this album does something different. Sure the riffs both fast and slow are there, the solo work is still good, and Chris Reifert's vocals are still as bone-chilling as they ever were. Pretty much the only thing that does change from Autopsy's earlier stuff is the lyrics themselves, and more-or-less the presentation. Let's start with the presentation. As noted all of the key parts that make Autopsy the great influence on Death Metal, that is the riffs, lyrics and atmosphere, are all present. However the production and mastering is different from prior works. It's more mudded and sluggish. The result is a more low-key atmosphere, sort-of like a night shadow, and it works quite well with what Autopsy fans are familiar with. The lyrics, being the only other changed aspect, focus less on the art of dying and more on what strange acts that may go on while one is still alive. That being said, the album couldn't be more Aptly titled; Shitfun is full of grotesque stories of coprophillia, necrophillia, grave desecration and often mixes two or all of these aspects together in a multitude of songs. Reifert's presentation of these lyrics could also be more reminiscent of early hardcore punk, which often tried to keep the lyrics confined to the beat no matter how fast the riffs go. This is the last chapter in the first part of Autopsy history and shows a band that has no fear in experimenting and and amazingly good taste in throwing something new in without spoiling their classic formula. HIGHLY reccomended!
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