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Solstice is perhaps the most overlooked band in Florida death metal history. With such an overwhelming glut of bands choking out the scene, it isn't surprising that some outstanding outfits missed the boat in terms of visibility, sales, touring opportunities, and acclaim. Solstice, being a somewhat patchwork band with line-up instability, struggled mightily to get noticed. While their first record caught the tail end of death metal's initial wave of popularity, "Pray" unveiled itself far too late in the game, quickly disappearing from memory -- a true and unfortunate injustice. If history hasn't been particularly kind to Solstice in one way, it sure has favored them in another -- their music has aged incredibly well. The music on "Pray" absolutely slays. It is stark raving mad, frothing at the mouth with both anger and ambition. A lone beacon in the dark metal night of the mid-90's, it is practically an anomaly -- forward thinking death/thrash with a tempered maturity in both songwriting and execution that has absorbed the nuances of experimentation and groove without being overwhelmed by them. Had this record been released a few years earlier, it would easily have been hailed a minor masterpiece. The production on this record is fuckin' intense. The guitars sound thick and sharp. Like a serrated knife, they cleave down to the bone yet leave jagged chunks of flesh behind. The experiments with hard panning on several of the songs also pays off dividends. In another deviation from the standard metal production job, the bass is cranked way up in the mix, locked down solid in the center of the sound. The bass drives everything, it has a harsh clanking sound, really abrasive and heavy. Grab it. It is truly a lost classic of exceptional Florida death metal.

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