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DREADFUL RELIC "Combat alchemist"
[7" EP]

DREADFUL RELIC \"Combat alchemist\"
Through the release of its inaugural ?Archaic Conjurations? demo and first EP, ?Warlords of Cosmic Sovereign,? DREADFUL RELIC first introduced its concoction of Black Mythical Metal forged in Stygian sorcery. Now, as a prelude to the release of its debut full-length, the band presents this seven-inch EP, ?Combat Alchemist,? which invokes the ancient spirits that first revealed themselves in the Black Metal tradition of yesteryear, with a most notable influence from the great HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST. In addition to the title track, which is a single from the album recordings, and a second original hymn, DREADFUL RELIC pays homage to another of its revered forefathers, SAMAEL, with a reinterpretation of the latter?s ?Rite of Cthulhu,? from the 1991 album ?Worship Him.? As a visual foreshadowing of the full-length, the EP?s artwork features a close-up detail of the image that is to adorn the album?s cover, as imagined and brilliantly executed by a legendary Heavy Metal artist of the 80s. ?Combat Alchemist? thusly presents DREADFUL RELIC ?s vision of Lovecraftian and Howardian eldritch mythology, alchemically mingled with dark incidents of European history and invoked under the cursed sounds of Ancient Black Metal.
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