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RAW POWER "Resuscitate"

RAW POWER \"Resuscitate\"
Thirty years, 20+ releases, dozens of tracks on dozens of hardcore compilations ... and the worldwide touring miles that go with that work ethic. Resuscitate is the band s 12th studio album, and the first new studio album since 2003 s Still Screaming. In 1986 Guns n Roses opened for Raw Power in Seattl and the band has crisscrossed the country several times since, sharing the stage with world-class bands like Circle Jerks, Adolescents, D.O.A., Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, and Suicidal Tendencies. Raw Power is one of the most important and talented bands in worldwide hardcore and "Resuscitate" is here to prove it. Twent five songs of full throttle old school hardcore from the masters themselves. Mandatory!

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