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TUMOR "Discography 1987-1995" 4xCD boxset
[4CD boxset]

TUMOR \"Discography 1987-1995\" 4xCD boxset
Countless tracks for the most disturbing, ear bleeding Noise feast ever spawned in the whole FOAD Rec's long-standing history. Germany's TUMOR are pioneers of the short song blastcore mayhem rooted in the late 80s that had its most deranged and fucked up peaks thanks to sonic atrocities like ANAL CUNT, 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, SORE THROAT, V.N.A. and many more. If you manage to play these 4 discs without interruptions, it really means that you're deaf or you need an urgent psychiatric session. This boxset includes the ultra-complete collection of all their existing recordings, starting with the demos and going through all their released vinyl works, radio sessions, out takes and live footage. Over 4 hours of mind-blowing chaos exploding through machine-gunning blast beats, cess pool distorted guitar and the most insane nasal grunts you can imagine, a constipated ape raping a razorback being probably the closest portray. And besides the very early demo material, ALL the stuff included here features Emu and Stoffel of Hamburg's ultrafast turbo speed Violence legends YAC?PS?, respectively on guitar and drums.. so try to imagine how fast is this madness. Again, countless tracks, a wall of absurd Noisecore degenartion and blastbeats until you fall to the ground deaf.. this is the formula. 4 CD's housed in an elegant "ferret box" also including a 32 page booklet filled with photos, flyers and informations. Mandatory if you're mad as fuck and like to reduce your hearing range with tremendous Noisecore the school of ANAL CUNT, 7 MON, STENCH OF CORPSE, CRAWL NOISE, FEAR OF GOD, V.N.A., AUNT MARY and similar aural aberrations!

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