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BLEEDING THROUGH "Wolves among sheep"

BLEEDING THROUGH \"Wolves among sheep\"
Wolves Among Sheep takes you deep inside the world of Bleeding Through. From the studio to the stage to the places they call home in Orange County, the clubs they came up in, and their favorite hangouts, in a long-form behind-the-scenes documentary comprised of interviews with all six members, former bandmates, friends and fans. Wolves Among Sheep provides "The Truth" about Bleeding Through and how they rose from their humble OC hardcore beginnings to share stages with AFI, on Ozzfest and MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball" tour. Wolves Among Sheep also includes live sets captured on 2005's Strhess Tour in Los Angeles and San Diego, which gives you never-before-heard songs from what will prove to be their defining album, "The Truth" as well as Bleeding Through classics like "Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire" and "Revenge I Seek". This DVD also boasts music videos, out-takes, Japan/Australia tour hijinx, footage of their death-defying van crash and more. This is the real OC.

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