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V.A. "Pieces"

V.A. \"Pieces\"
Amazing compilation featuring the who's who of the current noise scene. As old school as it can be, this is a maelstrom of dozens of projects, a real unstoppable flow of noise for all tastes!!! Featuring Self Made God, Disleksick, Academic Worms, CSMD, Anal Butt, Audición Irritable, Shitnoise Bastards, Hades Mining Co., Post Natal Drip, Morte Lenta, Deflowered Cunt, Sloth Of Gulf Coast, Kusari Gama Kill, Hypnic Jerk, Phlegm, Beer Terror, Christian Lovers, Industrial Holocaust, Grinder Bueno , Funny Cat Videos, Bucket Of Piss, Hell Garbage, Oozing Meat, Atentat Na Sluh, Harsh Supplement, Cunts, Depraved, Captain 3 Leg, Deterioration, Couple Skate, Braindead Diarrhea, Extreme Hair Stench, Limbs Bin, Farting Corpse, Mental Abortion, Facepalm Death, P.M.S., Genital Masticator, Dickey Mouse, Cum Wracket, Frank Goshit, Cum Sock, Mushca, Erectile Dementia, Cum Broth, Reeking Cross, Violent Headache, Exacerbacion, Atrofia Cerebral, Deathtaker, The Karmakumulator, Makeout Paradise, Mshing, Dave Phillips, Oksennus, Adolf Shitter, KJP47, Wadge, Major Entertainer, OPS PSF, Big Ed, Deche Charge, Napalm Death Is Dead, Sedem Minut Strachu, Sete Star Sept, Suppression, Iron Butter, New York Against The Belzebu, Agathocles, Excreted Alive, Cripple Bastards, Meat Shits, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Richard Ramirez, Traci Lords Loves Noise and Nut Screamer

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