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SIDEKICK KATO "1st class chump"

SIDEKICK KATO \"1st class chump\"
great mid 90's Emo-core with choruses and the tipycal quiet to loud formula of this brand, 10 songs. A review about the record:
"I was first introduced to Sidekick Kato in 1996 when I saw them in Grand Rapids at the Reptile House w/Apocalypse Hoboken. I was mostly listening to crappy epitaph punk at the time, so seeing a band like Sidekick Kato play that ?mid 90′s quiet/loud emo? live was quite memorable. They put on such a great show I don?t even remember AH?s set. Thankfully a friend bought this LP and I was able to dub a cassette, which I quickly wore through.
As a drummer, one of the reasons why I love this album so much is because of the drums? sound. Bands from this era never seem to get the drums right. On First Class Chump they are pretty high in the mix esp. the snare and cymbals, which just cut through perfectly and sound huge. I remember when I saw them the drummer was just wailing on his kit. Coming from seeing bands where the drummer was playing so fast that their sticks barely came off the hi-hat or drummers trying to play lame bullshit fills, to seeing this guy just beat the shit out of his kit absolutely floored me. After seeing them, I played along with this album so much on my kit, it undoubtedly influenced my style of drumming.
I saw them again a couple years later when ?I think I?m in Love? was released and I wasn?t crazy about their set. None of the energy was there, and if I remember correctly, they lost a guitar player and the singer played a 2nd bass. Recently I?ve warmed up to ?I think I?m in Love? but however many years later ?First Class Chump? still holds up and is my favorite of theirs."
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