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DESULTORY / CAN'T DENY "Split" (original Sicktone Rec., 1991!)

DESULTORY / CAN\'T DENY \"Split\" (original Sicktone Rec., 1991!)
original Sicktone Records, 1991. We got a stock of unplayed and totally mint copies, so be fast! Dutch old school Death/Thrash for fans of early SINISTER and PESTILENCE meets total Grindcore terrorists CAN'T DENY recommended if you like the sickest and most of obscure early day DIY Grind delivered by bands like AGATHOCLES, SEXORCIST, SORE THROAT, W.B.I. and SMEGMA. A classic EP!

I clienti che hanno questo preso quest prodotto lo hanno anche comprato?????
FEAR OF GOD "Pneumatic slaughter -extended" (diehard Picture LP)
FEAR OF GOD "Pneumatic slaughter -extended" (diehard Picture LP)
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