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SZRAM "Zeal"

SZRAM \"Zeal\"
Szron come from Poland, they consist of two members and they were formed in 2000. During these years they have released two demos, six split and two full length albums. "Zeal" is the fourth full length work of the band, which was released in 2010 and it contains five compositions of thirty three minutes of duration. Musically, Szron play harsh, raw Black Metal of European school. In the first two tracks the riffs which rule have the sound and structure of punk sound, something that is lost almost completely in the following three tracks. Generally the riffs mainly are mid tempo, but without the fast parts being left out and they mostly exist in the last three tracks. Szron, although the structure of repetition exist widely in the way that they compose their tracks, they have achieved, despite the quite long size of the tracks, to create nice and interesting riffs, full of feelings and passion, and to structure them so as not to become tedious and to keep the listener?s interest irreducible. They are minimalistic, straightforward and they create feelings of total nihilism, destruction and hate. The band hasn?t interfered much with the mix having left almost untouched that rehearsal character of the mix that it fits to the minimalism and the raw approach of their music, but they have tried to make the sound massive with depth. The lyrics are written in English and they absolutely fit to the feelings that the music creates to the listener, dealing about total destruction, hate to human race and Satan. "Zeal" is an amazingly well crafted album and a must own for those into apocalyptic and nihilistc raw black metal.
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