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MORAL VALUES "Picnic in a minefield"

MORAL VALUES \"Picnic in a minefield\"
pro-copied tape with professionally printed Jcard.
Moral Values was born in September 2014 in Milan, Italy, by an idea of Carlo (producer, audio engineer and owner of Toxic Basement Studio, former member and founder of Greedy Mistress) and David (former Greedy Mistress). After a first, temporary, line-up that recorded two songs for a demo called ?3 Minutes Demo? on March 2015, the band started to fully exist with a final line-up that includes Gabriele on guitar (former Ruggine) and Fabio on vocals (former Overcharge), who joined during the summer of 2015. The full-length debut, a mix of crossover thrash, fastcore and d-beat recorded at Toxic Basement Studio (Cripple Bastards, Raw Power, Insanity Alert, Foad Records, Mindful Of Pripyat, ?), is now available on vinyl and tape.

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