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WATAIN "Rabid death's curse"

WATAIN \"Rabid death\'s curse\"
The cult of Watain was formed in 1998, in the cold and grey land of Sweden. After a handful of demos, and even a live album, they unleashed their first LP in 2000. ?Rabid Death?s Curse? features far more of the Mayhem-esq grimness than their later albums. There is a grim desperation to the vocals, at certain points, and one gets the feeling that these are no mere songs. This is a dark ritual to be experienced. As the songs build to their climax, you can feel the dark spirits of the night embrace you, soon to be taken beyond the darkest shadows and into the grim nothingness. This is what is possible when a band comes along and truly embraces the spirit of the ancient ones, while also cultivating a darkness within themselves and going beyond mere imitation. Rabid Death's Curse offers an intensely impassioned performance of raw and morbid black metal, filled with haunting melodies and horrific vocal lines that will linger in your subconscious for a long time to come. Watain did a very good job in meshing the various influences that they had into something coherent and memorable, never compromising for even a second.

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