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BULLDOZER "The neurospirit lives" [CD+DVD]

BULLDOZER \"The neurospirit lives\" [CD+DVD]
FANTASTIC full show by the legendary Bulldozer, Recorded live at Rock Hard Festival in Milan, Italy on September 15th 2012. This CD/DVD set perfectly captures the power and the energy of one of the most famous and loved bands out of Italy. Every song here is executed in a simply perfect way, by a band that sounds as fresh as in their first days! This is a perfect statement of commitment to the true flame of metal. Don't miss it!


1. Overture Neurodeliri
2. IX/Desert (Medley)
3. Ilona The Very Best
4. Misogynists
5. The Derby
6. Impotence
7. Minkions
8. The Final Separation
9. Ride Hard Die Fast
10. Use Your Brain
11. Bastards
12. The Exorcism
13. Cut Throat
14. Whiskey Time
15. Willful Death (You?ll Be Recalled)

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