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DESTROYER 666 "Defiance"

DESTROYER 666 \"Defiance\"
Destr0yer 666 are frequently referred to as "Aussie War Metal" and after an album like this it seems very appropriate. Above everything else, this is a fast thrash album with black metal elements thrown in, not the other way around. With past efforts the band seemed to sit on the fence between the two genres, but it appears they are now beginning to put a solid foothold in the thrash world. The idea of the black metal elements being whittled away may be very unappealing to many, but rest assured a thrash dominated Destroyer 666 turned out to be a wise move. The best way to describe it would be to picture influences from the Teutonic thrash metal scene, then crank the intensity up by a couple dozen notches, then throw in some black metal along the way. The fury and unrelenting speed in songs like "Weapons Of Conquest", and "I Am Not Deceived" are liable to shatter some teeth if played anywhere above talking level. The impressive part is how the band does not lose any power in their music while transferring to slower paced songs, the most note worthy, and possibly the highlight of the album is "Sermon To The Dead". Imagine if you can, a black metal ballad, where clean singing, painful growls, and serene guitar melodies all weave in and out of one another seamlessly at a slow, trudging pace. KILLER!
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