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Possibly the BEST and fastest bestial Black/Thrash album of all times! Back in the mid 80's, South America had one of the most promising Thrash/Death/Black metal scenes in the world. With killer acts such as Vulcano, Mutilator, Holocausto, Pentagram, Sepultura, and the brutal Sarcofago. Sarcofago were the leaders of the scene with their blasphemous "INRI" debut album. Light-years ahead of it's time it would go on to provide the basic blueprint for modern day bestial raw Black Metal. This was released back in '86, it was and still is today ahead of it's time. Nobody ever made something as Extreme as this. Venom, Bathory, and may be Mercyful Fate had their 15 minutes of shock galore, but Sarcofago still remains, and are still around making more hate-filled music... If you thought Norwegian Black Metal was as ugly as you could get, think again. Sarcofago will rip your mind apart! SARCOFAGO's drumming is fast and like early blast-beats, the guitar work was like Slayer gone even more insane (blended with riff work similar to that on Sepultura's "Bestial Devastation" EP), and vocal wise, SARCOFAGO was like a blend of early Sepultura, "Endless Pain"-era Kreator, and hardcore punk like Extreme Noise Terror, Crude SS, or early RDP(also from Brazil). The production on SARCOFAGO-"I.N.R.I." is excellent, one of the best in black metal history. The LP is short like a hardcore LP and blugeons the listener in ways many of today's supposed "black metal" LP's don't even come close to. Overall, SARCOFAGO should be considered a CLASSIC early black/thrash band!

Features FIVE bonus tracks!!!

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