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COUNT RAVEN "Mammons war"
[CD digipack]

COUNT RAVEN \"Mammons war\"
For those who looked on in dismay as the Raven first disbanded after their first four stellar albums, then reunited and again disbanded without having recorded anything in 2003, Fondelius' new lineup promises to breathe new life into a criminally unknown and unrecognized doom metal band. For Sabbath fans, buy this together with The Devil You Know; Mammons War proves as well as that album does that you don't need the name Black Sabbath on the cover to resurrect the spirit of the band in its earliest epochs. While basing their sound on Master of Reality and Vol. 4, Count Raven have always sounded more depressive than '70s Sabbath, leaving out the bouncier and more tongue-in-cheek parts for solid traditional doom metal that staggers along with a whiskey bottle in one hand and a revolver in the other. Mammons War is no different, sounding closer to the deep, dark sludge of Dehumanizer and The Devil You Know, with influences from early Candlemass and Saint Vitus. There is plenty of groove here, but its all very slow and bluesy Throughout, there are no weak or boring riffs, no point at which the vocals are anything but a hundred percent heartfelt and dazzling, and no moments where the atmosphere of gloom and despair lets up. The band achieves complete consistency, never breaking the mood.
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