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COMECON "Converging conspiracies" [GREEN LP!]

COMECON \"Converging conspiracies\" [GREEN LP!]
In the modern era of the internet, little known bands from metal's past are often thrust into the limelight and finally get the appreciation they deserve. This is especially true of highly idiosyncratic bands that were pushing the boundaries of their genres but somehow fell through the cracks until recently. Examples of this phenomenon in the world of death metal include Demilich, Pan.Thy.Monium and Timeghoul. Strange, then, that a band like Comecon still goes relatively unnoticed. Perhaps it's because their first album, while not bad by any means, was on the "generic" end of the Swedish death metal spectrum, even if it featured one of the scene's most prominent frontmen, Entombed's L.G. Petrov, on vocals. It probably also didn't help that the band's use of a drum machine rather than a human drummer wasn't exactly subtle on their first release. Which brings us to the bands second album, Converging Conspiracies, which is a completely different monster. Not only did the band refine their riff writing to the point where they easily compete with the other top-notch bands in the scene, they also recruited yet another death metal luminary on vocals (this time it's Martin Van Drunen of Asphyx and Pestilence fame). Their drum programming skills also increased exponentially between albums, sounding just about as human as most of their peers. Most importantly, the band started to do some serious experimentation on their second album, adding strange instruments (jaw harps, for instance) and other unconventional elements to their music. With these idiosyncrasies, we've got something that's leagues beyond simply "above average" death metal. We've instead got something that deserves "classic" status as much as the Demiliches of the world. If you're a fan of the old school Stockholm sound or death metal that brings something unique to the table, this album is absolutely worth your time.

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