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SACRIFICE "Apocalypse inside" [RED VINYL!]
[LP Gatefold]

SACRIFICE \"Apocalypse inside\" [RED VINYL!]
Inspired by the thrashy intensity of bands like Metallica and Slayer, Sacrifice became an early, if unheralded, part of the developing death metal scene in the mid-'80s. But their sound stayed largely the same over the years, and 1993's Apocalypse Inside, while generally acknowledged as their best album, also sounds very old-school in comparison to modern deathish thrash metal, more sensibility than sound. It's fast, furious, and aggressive, to be sure, but recognizably rooted in the '80s in its arrangements, instrumental work, and production. There are touches of Mercyful Fate-esque gothic metal, while at other times the group resembles a second-tier speed-metal act, like Exodus or Metal Church. Apocalypse Inside is very well executed. The songs are progressive and the riffs memorable, the musicianship is technically accomplished (thanks in part to new drummer Michael Rosenthal, who brings a jazz-rock sensibility to some passages), and the production is clear and nicely balanced. Unfortunately, Sacrifice was never able to build on Apocalypse Inside's achievements, and disbanded for the second time following its release. A great album for fans of Razor, Voivod and Possessed!

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PSYCHIC POSSESSOR "Toxin diffusion" [digipack]
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