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AGGRESSION "The full treatment"

AGGRESSION \"The full treatment\"
REISSUE OF THIS LEGENDARY CANADIAN THRASH METAL AXE ORIGINALLY RELEASED IN 1987!! Contrary to other Quebec's bands, Aggression played a more straightforward death/thrash kind of metal that kills so much. This record is full of good surprises, awesome riffs and great ideas. The production is near perfect for a thrash record the guitars roar like buzzsaws, the drumming is excellent and the street-like vocals (somekind like a deathy version of McLaren, without the spinesnapping screams and a french accent). Any fillers? Nope, only killers! there isn't even one weak track here. It's a wonderful headbanging Thrash experience with 9 enjoyable and intense tracks. The production sounds kinda underground and it fits extremely perfect the mood. The guitars are heavy and dirty, they aren't bright and clear and sometimes they even blend a bit with the drums, but it really doesn't bother me, actually I think it sounds better in that way because it really increase a lot of fury and this is really how this album sounds like: aggressive killer without mercy! Try to imagine "Darkness Descends" but catchier, much more underground, much more brutal, much more aggressive, and much more better, this is how exactly this album sounds. Each song is outstanding on his own way, and there is a shitload of killer riffs and after more than four or five listenings you can definitely separate with each track and though they doesn't sounds much different, each one has a unique feeling and intense moments which makes him sound ultra catchy and superb. Highly recommended to fans of RAZOR!!

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