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ASPHODELUS "Stygian dreams"

ASPHODELUS \"Stygian dreams\"
'Stygian Dreams' contains seven songs of sorrowful 'Gothic' Doom/Death Metal of the gloomiest kind. This forlorn manifesto showcasing the band as one of the most interesting acts in the genre today. The Finnish trio music formula comprises early Katatonia, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Tiamat influences, yet keeping a distinctive feature in their sound. Don't be fooled by the somewhat clean riffage and melodic solos, they are just a wishful thinking before the whole thing sink down again in the gloomy pit. Harsh and melancholic screams enhance the hopelessness of the whole thing, throwing tuneful keyboards in their desperate sonic cauldron, heightened by a good hint of finnish renowned “masennus” (read, depression). Analogically recorded in Finland and definitely mixed at The Devil's Mark Studio in Rome (Demonomancy, Destroyer 666). Cover artwork doesn't need to be presented, used with kind permission of The Leicester Galleries. Listen to this will give you the feeling to sail between Styx's waters, as well as being in the sight of Persephone, crowned with a garland of asphodels.

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