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KYOSANTO "Communist" [IMPORT!]

KYOSANTO \"Communist\" [IMPORT!]
Here's the first vinyl offering of Hiroshima's KYOSANTO, the Communist LP. The band was formed in 1983 by high school friends Eiji, Shinji, and Akito. Their sound exists somewhere in between the hardcore punk of early Gauze material (of whom they were mega fans) on the City Rockers and Outsider compilations and the harder punk of bands like the Stalin, which was the perfect aural palette for the trio to employ their political message of "no war, no all discriminations, and no nuke." The Communist LP compiles their two highly coveted cassette releases from 1984, Communist and Uzimushi, respectively, both of which were initially released on their own label, Communist Rebel. Around the same time, Shinji (under the name Akim) and Akito supported the recording of ????, the legendary 1984 first tape of the mighty Gudon. The band performed primarily around the Hiroshima area, though in 1985, Kyosanto traveled to Fukuoka to participate in a ViolentParty gig with Confuse, Gai, Gess, Gedon, No Cut, and Derange at Hakata JAJA. Eventually, the band went their separate ways, with Akito dedicating his energy to becoming a full-time member of Gudon and, eventually, Half Years. Eiji and Shinji went on to form the elusive Missing Ring. It is our hope that the release of Communist, a relic of obscure Japanese punk/hardcore, will afford Kyosanto the adoration they so deserve

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