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MGLA "Groza"

MGLA \"Groza\"
After their first EP, "Presence", which was an enthusiastic if scatter-shot effort and some other short releases, Mgła debuted their first full-length album "Groza" in 2012. The underground is a haven for eclipsed and enigmatic bands but this Polish act, who have enjoyed much success before the arrival of ?Groza?, have managed to rise above the struggling influx of less suspenseful bands. "Groza" (Polish for "horror") divides into four parts that are a minimum 7 minutes in length and sometimes longer, allowing the music in all tracks room to develop and find its path. It is majestic how MGLA manages to create such nightmares with their sweet but deadly poisonous riffing that emergent thoughts of memories that your soul kept locked for secure reasons. Another important thing in MGLA's universe are the lyrics, a concept of bitterly given thoughts and life viewing that fits perfect with their nihilistic music. Here, everything is so cold and useless, the meaning of life is that there is no meaning at all and this is just an illusion. The main man behind the band, M hits right in the point of ultimate pain. MGLA's music creates no images, no feels; it just eliminates anything and absorbs everything. And in the end floats above the marshland of the human existence a dead body, a representation of insubstantiality.

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