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SABBAT "Karisma"

SABBAT \"Karisma\"
Here it is, the legendary Karisma from Japanese lords of blackened speed metal, SABBAT! This version is identical to the cult Japanese edition.
The first track, Samurai Zombies, begins with some traditional Japanese tea house music, reminding the listener that this band is indeed from Japan. Then the guitars come in. The riffs are a non-stop ballbusting headbanging holocaust of black/thrash! The guitars have the classic Venom sound (distorted and raw, but still very clear and enjoyable).Next - Orochie. These thrash riffs absolutely kick ass. Gezol's vocals are completely over the top but not obnoxious. This song is a bit slower than the first, but the musicianship is of extremely high quality, and the solos are not just random wankfestery, but rather precise and tastefully used in the music. The rhythm and lead guitars also work extremely well together in this song. The drumming is furious and mixed in perfect volume with the rest of the music. Nothing sounds out of place. Harmageddon is the third song. The refrain in this song is so badass. The vocals aren't the modern black metal growl/screech. Gezol sounds like a Japanese version of Cronos. This song is more midpaced in tempo, but still pulverizing and awesome. Den of Hades starts off with a low guitar intro, then progresses to the point where Sabbat tell you to sit down, shut the fuck up, and listen. The headbanging to this song is necessary. The tempo is on the slower side in some parts, but still insanely catchy and entertaining. Boredom is not an option while listening to Karisma. Okiku Doll of the Devil starts off slow as well, with some pounding drums. This song plods along, but in a good way. As exemplified through this song, many parts of this album (particularly the solos) resonate with influences traditional Japanese music. Final Song - Japanese Harmageddon. The bass works its way into the music, and it sounds very raw and ugly, and it?s fucking sweet. The vocals around 1:30 are extremely over the top. I The main riff is very original yet addicting for the listener. The album concludes with an slow organ outro.
This is hands down a sure must have for any true fan of old school thrashing black metal. Sabbat is not something that you can like or not, Sabbat is legend.

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