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LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY "The sound of rancid juices sloshing.."

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY \"The sound of rancid juices sloshing..\"
FIRST ALBUM, ULTRABRUTAL FAST GOREGRIND ATROCITY FROM HOLLAND'S SICKEST ACT EVER. 26 TRAX. Maybe the album titles reminds something to you? It's a line used in the lyrics of a Carcass song called "Psychopatholgist"(featuring on "Reek of putrefaction" album)... Anyway, you can probably guess that Last Days of Humanity do not play grungy progressive hardrock; We talk about primitive non-technical bestiality here. Guitars and blast beating drums are played in a straightforward way: loud, heavy, fast and extreme; with inhuman pig-like growling/gurgling vocals(without efects) and high pitched distorted roars(with obvious use of harmonizer!). Song structures are very simple and sometimes fall into total noisy mess. The running time of each track is between 20 seconds and 2 minutes. Of course, here we have several sickening and morbid gory pictures for the cover art and packaging, as well as horrific splattering movie intro samples(I recognized one from Clive Barker's "Lord of illusions", and another from Wes Craven's "The serpent and the rainbow"); don't forget the gory and grotesque song titles, like "Hacked into red mush"(this line is from lyrics of General Surgery song called "An orgy of flying limbs and gore"...another reference?...), "Necrotic eruption", "Consumed in gore" or "Mucupurulent flesh feast".... In sum, I think that this stenchy album is a masterstroke of extremely vulgar goregrind! If you look for refined music don't buy this album... but if you're bored with wimpy/trendy metal, just listen to L.D.O.H. and get a severe brainwashing!!! 26 tracks of total bloody carnage for 36 unbearable minutes! Maybe the most raw and wild brutal band in the world.

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