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MASTER'S HAMMER "The mass / The Jilemnicky okultista"

MASTER\'S HAMMER \"The mass / The Jilemnicky okultista\"
Master's Hammer is one of the finest unknown black metal bands in history. Emerging from the former Czechoslovakia, now known as The Czech Republic, they formed in 1987 in Prague and they released 6 demos, 2 full length albums and 1 EP. After their second full length album "The Jilemnice Occultist" in 1992, Franta Storm went insane and kicked out all of the members except the keyboard player. As stated above they released several demos, many of which are tremendously good and fetch a very high price to collectors attempting to add them to their collection. Master's Hammer have re-mastered the majority of their demos and made them available. This CD includes "The Mass (Demo, 1989)" and "Jilemnicky Okultista" (Demo 1992). "The Mass" : 1989; Holy shit they got really good in-between 88-89. The Mass is one of the best demos of that time and certainly the best black metal release of 1989. The first two demos are clearly demos but "The Mass" is on a level that is just plain fuckin evil and if it were not for their location and being held behind an iron curtain surely we would have seen an album that year that would be talked about for years to come... Musically they had evolved and learned to play their instruments beyond a mere early Bathory level and the band now had their own sound and they were great. This demo had a huge impact on the black metal scene that was about to erupt in the next few years. The other demo called "Jilemnicky Okultista" is the basis of their next full length release known as "The Jilemnice Occultist" 1992. Now, the demo version is very different then the album and fans should really hear both. Probably the demo is better but damn if the album is great. This album is essentially the last album they ever did as a full band and before Frantisek drove the bands good name into the mud. With that said, "The Jilemnice Occultist" is really not your typical album it is a sophisticated Operetta and reads like a play. For the most part it is very similar to "Ritual" the difference is the songs are very epic and there is an added layer of atmosphere on the tracks provided by synths. Do not shy away from the mention of the synths they are not overbearing in any way, they just add a huge layer of atmosphere and charm to the whole album. Actually they were programmed on a computer, something that was unheard of in 1992. It would be at least 8 more years until bands began doing such things. The synths might sound a little peculiar here and there but they are killer and the album in a whole is no less then phenomenal.

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