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C.S.M.D. / CRACK "Split"
[7" EP]

C.S.M.D. / CRACK \"Split\"
CSMD are the masters.... Since 1998, they've been pumping out their own unique style of noisecore that's steeped in kaiju movies, theremins, and cover songs. They're one of the all-time greats, brimming with personality and passion. Their side fits neatly in-line with the rest of their discography, an exuberant mix of brutal noisecore and theremin space jams, like if a 70's sci-fi movie soundtrack got set on fire. ....and Crack are the disciples. On the flip side, Crack follow up their 2016 tape with a long psychedelic noise jammer. They clearly take influence from the space sounds and joyful freedom of CSMD, but take it in their own lo-fi direction.

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