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DEMOLITION HAMMER "Tortured existence"

DEMOLITION HAMMER \"Tortured existence\"
This is the first of Demolition Hammer's best two albums and is definitely the heavier of the two. Demolition Hammer were a Thrash fucking Metal band from New York that don't really get mentioned a lot which is a huge shame because they thrashed really Goddamn hard. The others have to do with precision and accessibility/listenability, and the best of the breed manage to combine all these elements in a brutal whirlwind of beautifully morbid thrash-tactic anger and shredtacular riffage. "Tortured Existence" supersedes the mediocre because it?s one of the most brutally accessible albums to come out of the genre. The key here is this is borderline death metal (take a look at the song titles), and the music is essentially an unstoppable assault of fucking brutality. The difference is Demolition Hammer kind of sounds like a cross between Death (subject matter and intensity), Slayer (rapid fire verse vocals), and Anthrax (shouted chorus gang vocals), only they thrash a hell of a lot harder than the latter, are denser than Slayer, and more accessible than Death. It?s kind of the best of all worlds. In short, "Tortured Existence" thrashes Goddamn hard and is unquestionably brutal, fast and intense but somehow manages to be easy to listen to as long as you know how to properly thrash hard.

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