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PSYCHIC POSSESSOR "Nos somos a America do sul" [BRAZIL IMPORT!]
[CD digipack]

PSYCHIC POSSESSOR \"Nos somos a America do sul\" [BRAZIL IMPORT!]
1989: RAGING AS FUCK BRASILIAN HARDCORE, THE '80s BAND OF THE LEGENDARY DRUMMER "BOKA" OF RATOS DE PORAO. Psychic Possessor's second and final album "Nos Somos a America do Sul" (roughly translating to "We're In South America"), contains 16 quick bursts of brazilian hardcore. This record actually mixes US HC influences of the day with some inevitable Brazilian Punk elements. And this is what sets it apart from other Brazilian hardcore records of the day: it's neither "scandicore"/Discharge influenced (like some Olho Seco, Armagedom and early RDP) nor Crossover (liike later RDP or Lobotomia), it's more influenced by American and European fast HC bands like early Agnostic Front, Attitude Adjustment, Minor Threat, Ripcord and even some straightedge bands like Gorilla Biscuits (check the 8th note riffs on some songs). Of course there's a Brazilian twist to it and it's sometimes more simple sounding than some of the leading HC bands of the time in the US, but it's hardly a typical record for its time and place. Simply awesome!!

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