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SACRIFICE "Torment in fire"

SACRIFICE \"Torment in fire\"
Shred-heavy and fast Canadian speed/thrash, & plenty abuse of whammy bar! Reissue of their cult debut LP originally recorded in 1985. This has got to be one of the best pure speed metal/thrash albums to emerge from the mid-80s and yet it never gets the credit it deserves. Recorded in a basement studio in Toronto during September and October of 1985, "Torment In Fire" cost roughly $500 to record and yet it is as powerful today as it was then. It is so rippingly fast, vicious and underground sounding and as intense as classics like "Hell Awaits" or "Darkness Descends." The mood is set properly with the "Evil Dead"-inspired intro "the Awakening" and then it's the title track for the band "Sacrifice," a high velocity number which includes the lyrics, "Under Baphomet she's bleeding fast/With the corpse indulge in a bloodbath/Pray to the master that this will suffice/Split her skull for the altar sacrifice." The lyrics are as evil and splatter filled as those of Repulsion (then known as Genocide), who the band mention on the thank list to the original LP and you feel that the speed and brutality in Repulsion's music was also in part an influence from Sacrifice. Included are extensive liner notes with a band and album history, lyrics and all artwork and photos from the original LP, and track by track recollections from Sacrifice guitarists Rob Urbinati and Joe Rico, who fully endorsed this re-release. Old school speed/thrash metal is again king at the time of this writing, and one cannot think of an album from this era that endures as well as "Torment In Fire." Get this now!

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