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[CD compilati]

what a killer cd! it's a split of 4 bands, but instead of just a few tracks each, you get the equivalent of a small EP from each band. well, it probably just seems that way cos most of the songs are so short! exhumed kick things off with one of the best intros I ever heard, and totally slay with their excellent brand of totally sick and catchy gore-driven death metal, with great, and often hilarious, putrid gore lyrics. song titles such as "vegetarian" and "the exquisite flavor of gastro-anal tripe" should tell you where they are coming from! they also have a really cool keyboard at the start of their 2nd song, which surprised me! I think I will have to invest in their relapse full-length... ear bleeding disorder play some grindcore, and they are okay, though nothing you haven't heard before, and definitely nothing exceptional. lots of funny little intro samples and stuff make it more entertaining. there seems to be an intro sample to practically every single song! I really liked excreted alive, they have a very noisy distorted sound, like a noisecore band, but the music is quite punky, with some pretty bouncy riffs! the songs are pretty long too (well, a couple of minutes!) and theres also some really fast blastbeats too! so not the gore/grind attack I was expecting with such a name, yet this is still really cool stuff. yeah, just what I said really, like a noisecore band covering garage punk music, and it works! necrose is good too, weird and very crazy industrial noise/grind, with thundering drum machine and mad effects-laden vocals! and also some funny keyboards and stuff too! totally indecipherable vocals, this is real fucked up noise/grind madness! so now I've listened to it properly, I have to tell you this is a worthwhile cd, well worth the money, as you get to hear a good 10-15 minutes of music from each band. as there is quite a bit of variety here, I'm sure anyone into underground grind will find something good on this record.

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