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GHOSTRIDER "Mayhemic destruction"

GHOSTRIDER \"Mayhemic destruction\"
Black vinyl pressing limited to 350. Before the legendary Italian thrashers NECRODEATH came GHOSTRIDER , a name F.O.A.D. records fans should be well acquainted with? Infernal thrash till total death from 1984, recommended both to Metal/Punk maniacs (this makes TOXIC HOLOCAUST and similar acts pale!) and fans of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SABBAT (Jpn), early DESTRUCTION and raw, cavernous horror! This is the improved (or extended version) re-issue of F.O.A.D. 008 10″. Believe it or not, when the 10″ came out, some crazy collectors contacted us saying that they had copies of the GHOSTRIDER Demo sounding WAY better than what we had released on vinyl (from masters provided by the original band members!). Being the crazy collectors we are, we made a new selection out of 5 new sources and got back into the studio to obtain a new final mastering that sounds worlds BETTER than the sold out 10″? this release is by no means a remastered rip-off, because it is enriched by a 1st generation copy of the megarare rehearsal sessions from 1984? not even original drummer Mark Peso had a copy of that at home!!! On this improved version you?ll find completely unreleased songs and covers of VENOM and OMEN!! 10 songs in total, the previous 10"MLP had only 4 tx! Includes an insert with rare photos and '80s zine reviews.

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