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SWA "Volume"

SWA \"Volume\"
original SST pressing, 1991. Shortly before the recording of "My War", bassist Chuck Dukowski (his real name was Gary McDaniel) was fired from Black Flag, whilst maintaining a close relationship with his former team mates, either writing songs for the group. Musically, briefly reformed Dukowski W?rm, its pre-Black Flag band with whom he edited the rabid "Feast" in 1985, and then set about his new project, SWA. Through its five albums (and numerous lineup changes. Until Ted Falconi, Flipper guitarist, was part of an early incarnation of the group), this set's proposal sought to synthesize more twisted side of Black Flag with a clear penchant for the heavy rock of the seventies (Black Sabbath to the head), achieving a result that would prove to have no half measures. "Volume" was the last album of SWA and the only one to have the absence of vocalist Merrill Ward (formerly of the Los Angeles Overkill. Thrashers Not to be confused with New Yorkers of the same name), here relegated to the occasional guest appearance while most voices were done by Dukowski itself. The change is remarkable, while the style of Ward still maintained ties with some serious Hard-rock histrionics, the voice of the good Chuck proved to be much more raw and concise, thus erasing certain air of pretentiousness (or intricate parody) that used to hover head in his previous works. In the instrumental, the group sounds even more furious, tight and creative than ever. The dominant under the former Black Flag, the precise swing of drummer Greg Cameron schizophrenic and noisy guitar Phil Van Duyne intertwined in tense battles rifferas, pure distorted dissonance epics managed summarize names like MC5, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Led Zeppelin and George Clinton, while recovering emotionally broken that spirit of Black Flag. And everything in frantic songs that did not exceed the three-minute mark.
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