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ABORTED "Global flatline"

ABORTED \"Global flatline\"
Ladies and gentlemen, those crazy Belgians ABORTED proudly present the soundtrack to the end of the world. Aborted's sixth full-length to date is without a doubt their most impressive as far as bleeding ears are concerned. The first thing that imprsses about Global Flatline is just how bad-ass it is, Aborted are really going for the throat this time around, bludgeoning anyone who cares to listen to death with a furious, mechanical drum battery, littered with stupendous lead guitar work, face numbing bass, devastating riffs and vicious vocals. Take the best parts of early to mid-period Carcass, add a spot of slower Morbid Angel ? la "God of Emptiness" and a virulent injection of Hour of Penance/Fleshgod Apocalypse plus a spot of Benighted, and you have the mayhem Aborted have crafted for us all to hear on Global Flatline. The album kicks off after a short intro with the title track, an assault of light speed double kicking dispersed with heavily palm-muted guitar stabs laying the groundwork for the devastation to ensue and once it explodes the band don't really let up. We have furious odes to madness such as "Fecal Forgery", and slower paced killers like "Expurgation Euphoria" which splat your face like an anvil launched from a cannon. As with Primal Fear setting the standard bar for power metal, Aborted have thrown down the gauntlet for extreme/death metal. A jolly good slaughtering, recommended!
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