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BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration of the holy kingdom" [RED LP+FLAG!]
[LP gatefold]

BLACK WITCHERY \"Desecration of the holy kingdom\" [RED LP+FLAG!]
awesome quality reissue of this mayhemic Thrash/Black deathfeast on NWN with reverse board printed gate-fold jacket and heavy weight black vinyl + A2 poster included. Following the split CD with Conqueror, titled "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance", this is the first full-length by Black Witchery. Cascading style of riffing, rhythmic vocal delivery and the inexorable blasting from start to finish. Sound-wise, Black Witchery come across as a lot dirtier and less polished, but the overall approach rather than the actual chord progressions that makes early Marduk come to mind. Devastating

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