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ABERRANT / D.E.R. "Split"

ABERRANT / D.E.R. \"Split\"
Combine blasting grindcore, and pulverizing anger from Brazil and the States and you get this well-balanced motherfucker! Regressing to a state of barbarism by way of thrashly atavism, Aberrant's rancarous death-grind galumph around is a potent dose of skull-cracking not be taken lightly, and probably best enjoyed in the confines of a padded cell. Spearheading their delve into a damp and drab back alleys of Glasgow kisses and smiles is their ever twitching guitar tone, jumping from one thrash riff to another with an intense air of unpredictability and danger, coaxed in a repugnant sense of squalor further begrimed by a slithering bass tone coaxed in scum and filth. Vocals and blast duties aggressively follow the marching order, neither exceeding expectation nor falling below it, just your standard straight out of the gutter vocal rasps and howls, alongside you thud-thud-thud blast ensemble. D.E.R ever true to form just go in all guns blazing in their musically inclined attempt to break the sound barrier; and I use the term music lightly, any semblance of rhythm or form just blurs in rip of vehement blasts, prickly riffs and animalistic screeches - the last thrown in for good measure just to give an air of humanity to a band that could easily be mistaken for these guys set on turbo. All that blasting and riffing packing more riffs and drum hits in a one minute jaunt than some bands can muster in half a dozen full bodied tracks, little wonder they took a few years time out in between writing material, it probably would take a few years to think of 24^10 possible riff permutations and blasts, not to mention the recovery time required having just played them in one compact 14 minute bullet. If D.E.R. have managed to pack any new tricks its hard to notice, its just grind performed at terminal velocity with no inherent complexity, just a continuous barrage of aural devastation. A solid excursion by the America's, what little remains standing from Aberrant's two handed sledgehammer swing, is sure as hell not going to outrun D.E.R's Usain Bolt armed with an uzi, consider your fate sealed.

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