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OFFAL is an old school death metal band from Brazil. The style of OFFAL is a mixture of good old u.s.a. oriented death contaminated by ?80s/early ?90s horror movies soundtracks. One of their great charachteristic is the great raw/powerful sound and the atmosphere they create, showing their obsession for old horror movies.. OFFAL features Andr? Luiz voice of the legendary goregrind act Lymphatic Phlegm. DECREPITAPH hails from the deep south of U.S.A. (Dallas, Texas), bringing us their self proclamed ?ancient death metal?. Satanic sound and very heavy and creepy atmospheares, in the greatest old school u.s.a. death metal style? the two members of the bands play/played also in many other acts such as: Shrouded, Tombstones, Foreboding, Eternal Suffering, Stone Evil, Skulleton, Scum Bitch, Skincrawler, BEWARE!, Bastard Cross, Reeking Filth, Procreant, Festered, Black Pentagram Cult, Beyond Hell, Encoffination, Scaremaker, Father Befouled, Funeral Fuck Toy, Fallen Hallow, Slit Trench, Xaadolf..
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