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ABHOTH "The tide + demos compilation"

ABHOTH \"The tide + demos compilation\"
Abhoth were one of the first death metal bands in Sweden and formed in the town of V?ster?s in 1988 under the name Morbid Salvation Army. The original line-up included vocalist Joakim Br?ms who left in 1990 to join Afflicted (ex-Afflicted Convulsion). This CD collection features The Matter of Splatter - Demo 1989, Forever to be Vanished There In - Demo 1991, The Tide - EP 1992, Divine Orphan - Demo 1994 and unreleased demo / rehearsal tracks from 1990-91. This is pure cult old school death metal in the way Sweden taught us : thick, catchy and with an unique sound. If you're searching for the roots of a sound that is still one of the most recognizable and respected today, Abhoth is the band for you!

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