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MASSACRE (Fin) "From punk to the grave" 3xCD!
[3xCD Boxset]

MASSACRE (Fin) \"From punk to the grave\" 3xCD!

Massacre were one of the most underrated finnish bands of its time (1982-1988) possibly because they always preferred to choose a D.I.Y. path instead of joining some established label. Clear and powerful guitar sounds, raging harsh punk that still keeps a catchy freshness, the trademark of crude and inimitable finnish sound mixed with great guitar sounds, raging solos and great ideas. Massacre started in 1982 as VARAVENTTIILI in the municipality of Kuru, changing name to SOTATILA later in 1983 and then once more to MASSACRE in early 1984 when Sekaannus' singer told Pete (Massacre's singer) there were already 3 bands with the same name around. This 3 x CD Box Set will feature every Massacre recording ever made, including a lot of unreleased stuff. Each CD will come with reproduction of original artwork (front and back) and a 20-page booklet will go further in detail on the band's history, narrated with humor and great memories by the band's singer and charismatic leader Pete V?is?nen. There will be every song ever recorded by the band, included never-heard before tunes, songs which were played only live and never recorded in studio, alternative version and also the ultra rare Split Live Tape with Bastards released by Propaganda Records in 1985 But what makes this 3 x CD compilation even more exclusive are the CD 2 and CD 3 which will feature for the first time ever on a digital support the first S/T Lp (Propaganda Records, 1985) never reprinted on any format since its original release and the never heard before "A Dream" Unreleased Lp 1987 which was planned to be out on swedish Hardcore Horror/Distortion Records and never saw the light of the day. All the tracks have been remixed from original masters and reels and original tapes.

CD 1 "The Punk Years 1982-1984" includes : split 7" EP With Sekaannus (1984), "Tuho" 7" EP (1984), "Verinen katu" demo (1984), 1984 unreleased demo session plus four reharsal and live tracks.

CD 2 "The Propaganda Years 1985/1986" includes : "Massacre" LP (1985), split 7" EP with Miquel Co. (1986), split live tape with Bastards (1985) plus four rehearsal and two live unrleased tracks.

CD 3 "The Metal Years 1987-1988" includes : "A Dream" unreleased LP (1987), "A Dream" demo (1986), 1988 demo and a live unreleased track.

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