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ASSUMPTION "The three appearances"

ASSUMPTION \"The three appearances\"
Assumption sound grim, dark and evil. Featuring members of the gruesome Haemophagus it should come as no surprise that The Three Appearances is full of mouldy and decomposing delights. Cavernous, echoing Death Metal growls seem to be generated through an abyssal fog of misery and pain. Surely something like this can?t be good for you? The music is murky and ancient, lumbering around like a forgotten, decaying god that?s slowly transformed over the millennia into some form of shambling horror.Reminding of recent albums from the likes of Encoffination, ?vangelist and Sempiternal Dusk, this is the latest album to blend both Death and Doom into an absolute terror of an album that?s designed to loosen the bowels and scar the soul. As rotten as what?s left in the sewer and as black as the void, Assumption do a great job of describing the essential futility of life; decay always sets in, entropy will get everything in the end and ultimately there?s very little point. So why bother? Why bother at all? Well, paradoxically Assumption themselves have given us a reason to continue; their music. This is worth taking the time to listen to. What a glorious, rancid, noxious find this has been. All hail Assumption!

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