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EXORCIST "Nightmare theatre"

EXORCIST \"Nightmare theatre\"
That wise science called rumourology whispered this act was nothing but a grim offshot carried out by heavy metal merchants Virgin Steele. Anyway, feel free to believe it or not, but putting your ears on ?Nightmare theatre? could be revealing, since the music here is thrash metal although showing plenty of heavy metal nuances that remind loosely several 80?s heavy tunes. A closer analysis could invert that circumstance so we?d be talking about heavy metal played ? la thrash! "Nightmare theatre" is an album that shows the two sides of the coin over and over, keeping its sound addicting and overly enjoyable. So, in a nutshell : Exorcist play thrash metal using a deep heavy touch throughout the album, overtly manifested in some sing-along chorus, guitar licks or high-pitched screams. Vocals are violent and evil, low and eerie. Early Sodom could be a reference in the vocal aspect. Moreover, lyrics are dealing with exorcisms, the dark lord, witchery and black masses. Some in-between tracks are conformed by vocal effects, trying to achieve the necessary horror atmosphere. Some people say Exorcist is one of the early death metal bandsand maybe can be seen as Possessed and Death underground forefathers. Leaving behind any speculation about pointless definitions, ?Nightmare theatre? is a great and highly influential LP. 37 minutes of enjoyable and entertaining hellish heavy metal will please your soul and body with a Venom like approach over a strong proto-death structure that can be seen as a wild mix between Sodom, Mercyful Fate and early Slayer.

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