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SARCOFAGO \"Rotting\"
Originally released in 1989, ?Rotting? was considered one of the most extreme records by authorities ? even having it seized by them just down to their now cover. During the crossing overs of Black, Thrash and Death Metal in the 80?s, SARCOFAGO were a familiar trio who were pushing the boundaries of just how extreme they could push themselves, the authorities and terrified parents of listeners. After the release of ?I.R.N.I? the band had a lot to exceed in terms of expectations, considering it was thought of as one of the albums that helped shaped the Black Metal genre. Despite ?Rotting? being majorly underestimated in terms of the bands abilities, passion and views ? it is possibly their best release and one of the most important records for the Black / Death / Thrash genres. SARCOFAGO created a ton of controversy in terms of their lyrical content which themes such as anti-religion, death and necrophilia. ?Rotting? is iconic, inspirational and one of the best release of the 80's extreme metal melting pot. The amount of bands inspired by this record is countless and this is a must have for any metal fan out there.

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